6 Things You Never Knew You Needed For A Fast 13 Peaks Effort

Published On: 13 August 2021Categories: Articles2.2 min read

ASICS trail runner Matt Healy has been planning- and training for a go at his PB on the 13 Peaks Challenge. Matt has extensive experience on the route and below outlines 6 things you might not have normally considered if you were planning the run.

1. Road Shoes

The Hout Bay section is around 8kms of tar. I’m going to be using the METASPEED SKY carbon-plated road shoes to get as fast splits as possible here. Not only will this be welcomed by your feet, but it will make you more efficient up Chappies. In addition that will help saving your legs for the second half of the run (see point #6).

Learn more about the METASPEED SKY here.

2. Warm Weather Window

If you’re doing your attempt in the colder months, as I am, the mornings on the wooden walkways and bridges are treacherous because the water freezes over on them. So if you time your attempt to fall near the end of a warm spell it won’t be as dangerous or slow over those obstacles.

3. Know Where The Water Sources Are

If you’re going to be spending a long time out there just having a couple of sips from the fresh, cold streams definitely gives you a rejuvenating kick and boost. So, knowing the route and where those streams are is super important. Especially in Summer, when you lose quite a lot of water on the mountain so it becomes quite vital.

4. Understand The Cape Winds

You don’t want the infamous Cape Doctor – the prevailing Summer Southeaster – making an appearance on the day because Devil’s Peak won’t be your friend. By that time you’ll already have 90kms on the legs so the last thing you want is a pumping wind.

5. Cloud Cover

Making sure that there is cloud cover on the day could help because it will reduce fatigue due to direct sunlight. This is more important in Summer than Winter obviously. Also, it’s important to make sure this is high cloud cover because low cloud could effect your visibility when running with a headlamp.

6. Pace Yourself

It is very much a second-half run. My mentality going into this is to run the first 50kms and then race the second 50. If you go out too hard and you don’t conserve energy in the first half, you’re going to pay for it in the second. This applies to runners gunning for a PB or FKT and those just looking to complete it.

Written By: Jazz Kuschke | AUG. 13, 2021
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